Woman stole $278,000, sentenced to proverbial “slap on wrist with wet bus ticket”

Down Dunedin way, some woman, a sack of shite by all accounts has left court laughing at the justice system, “laughing all the way to the bank” it could be said.

Even though the judge actually commented “What really sticks out in this is the most unconcerned person throughout this whole process is you”. before he basically gave her, everything that her and her lawyer wanted.

Yep, she’s got “permanent name suppression”. The company she now works for and her position in that company are also being kept secret.

I’m sorry Judge Kevin Phillips of Dunedin. I think this woman’s having a lend of you. I think she’s tricked you mightily. I think she’s pulled a snow job on the Dunedin District Court, just like the job she did on her previous employer’s bank account.

She only took her previous employer for $278,000 (in diverted tax and Kiwisaver payments) but I reckon she’s taken the New Zealand justice system for a joy-ride.

Here is what her former co-workers reckon…”Her former employees were appalled by the granting of name suppression and her sentence of five months’ home detention, with many left out of work and out of pocket.”

She’s only described as a “Prominent Dunedin woman”. You’ve gotta wonder who she is and how she managed to walk away with so lenient a sentence. “Go home and sit on the couch and watch Oprah for 5 months”. Sorry judge, that’s my definition of a holiday, not a “sentence”.

A few years back someone described only as “a prominent local (Queenstown) businessman” escaped an attempted rape charge. For some reason, the prosecution wanted to do the guy a few favours, so kept reducing the charge until it got down to “committing an indecent act”. Even after he pled guilty and was convicted, he then appealed his conviction and sentence. All the time maintaining name suppression. He managed to score the right verdict second time around and walked away scott-free (laughing, no doubt).

I won’t name him here, but his name’s a matter of public record on various Australian based websites (such as “laudafinem” ). Which as well as naming him, claimed he was an ex All Black and ex National Party member.

Although I don’t know the specifics of this recent Dunedin case, I reckon I’m fairly safe to say that she is NOT an ex-ALL BLACK. (Just how many women All Blacks, have there been ?). But I’m left wondering if she’s an ex National Party member ? Or maybe she’d sent her kids to the “right” private schools, or maybe she’s known around Dunedin for being seen eating at the “right” restaurants.

I guess that with $278,000 in her purse, she could’ve afforded something more than the McDonald’s that to most of us hard-working Kiwis, counts as a meal out in the best restaurant, that we can afford.

Here’s a link to the full article on the Christchurch Press newspaper’s “Stuff” website on Friday 2 September 2016.


Note that the “laurafinem” website is huge and has quite a number of articles relating to crime and justice in New Zealand. Amongst many other things, it seems to show that being an ex All Black (or even just a potential future All Black or club footballer) will work as a get-out-of-jail-free card, even to those violent youth that walk up to people and punch them to death (which is quite a problem in NZ’s North Island, happening all too often unfortunately).