Fonterra milk powder botulism scare and recall

The mainstream media has been all over this story during the last couple of days. Supposedly a “dirty pipe” caused botulism contamination of some “whey” (a milk product. The same as what Miss Muffett ate as she sat on her tuffett, in the ancient nursery rhyme)

The incident it seems happened over a year ago, and with milk powder formulas having about a one year lifespan, so it’s fair to assume that pretty much all the affected stock would have been processed, sold, and consumed by now, and we still haven’t heard of even one baby getting sick.

Compare this to China’s Melamine scandal of 2008, where an industrial poison was deliberately added to milk so it scored better in lab tests and suppliers got bonus payments. Many Chinese babies died, and remember with China’s one baby policy most of the parents would already have been irreversably sterilised after that first child.

When Chinese media tried to draw attention to that scandal, the govt put the journalists in jail, because it showed China in a poor light.

Also so far, no one in mainstream media etc has pointed out that rich adult idiots out there are actually paying big money to have Botulism toxin injected straight into their bodies. I am of course talking about “BoTox” injections as a “beauty” treatment.

I cannot believe the stupidity of people paying for BoTox injections. They would be better off going down to the local shopping mall with a rolling pin and paying some stranger to bash the shite out of them for 30 seconds.