Building’s owner, has two-thirds of protected public tree hacked away, to get better sea-view

S1140008Some years ago I was living in Western Australia and I recall just two episodes, as bad as this, where residents of expensive waterfront property, did irreparable permanent damage to the publically owned tree-scape along the bank of the Swan River, and to a  protected rock reef, on Rottnest Island.

This is the longest of 8 filmed segments at Sumner beach, this Saturday, (not Sunday !) 17 February 2018. Apologies for one incident of strong language ! Sorry but I felt very strongly about this.

Just previously on Wednesday afternoon, the building owner John Visser, “got” (paid or tricked him ?) someone with a large carpenter’s handsaw to hack away about two-thirds of a protected, 90-year-old, Norfolk Island Pine tree.

The tree was specifically “protected” and was on council land. Due to the growth habit of this particular type of tree the damage is irreparable.

Navi Singh is the tenant who runs the Blackbird Cafe and Bar, operating out of the building and he says people have cancelled bookings since the tree was hacked at.

The council are investigating. I hope they sue the phukkers responsible for whatever it costs to replace this tree with one which looks like what this looked like before, and as described in my video, the costs for doing a “not ordinarily possible” task are likely to amount to NZ $250,000 or more (maybe much more).


Here (hopefully !)  is a link to a video I recorded earlier today.  But if the clickable link fails, just try searching Youtube for a video titled

751. “eco-terrorism” Hacked Norfolk Pine tree, Sumner, 17/02/18



Following that is a link to the first, and then second stories, as featured on the Christchurch “Press” newspaper’s, Stuff website. (They both worked when I checked them earlier).  It’s worth noting that a photo accompanying it in the newspaper was from a different angle and showed some different details, than the several photos accompanying the website articles.


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