Lifestyle block residents in prestigious area, complain about annual $30 water charge

HouseNEroadisland2Sorry, I have no sympathy for these folks. This tiny community on Banks Peninsula, not far from Akaroa, has a small community water service which costs them just $30 per household, per year, and is run as a community co-operative.

The water is not treated and often fails to meet recommended health guidelines. Simply engaging a formalised study will cost them almost $1,000 per household. Many residents currently either buy bottled drinking water or have folks bring in containers when visiting nearby Akaroa, or Christchurch.

Well DIKK-HEDZ, just get y’self a friggin’ rainwater tank ! I had just one 900 gallon tank in remote Western Australia, and because it refills several times through the year, it works out that I could get about 4,000 or 5,000 gallons out of it. At the time of buying it, 1995, the tank cost about $600 and was guaranteed for 25 years (but if located in a shady area, such as under my verandah, had an expected lifespan of 50 years).

I used that water for my drinking, including unboiled refrigerated water and never had any related health problems, and there was no treatment to my water, except for a basic “leaf” and debris filter at the rain entry point. I once found a small scorpion in there, washed almost clear in colour. I guess I did ingest a microscopic amount of scorpion cell colouration chemical ! He was still alive and healthy though, so I liberate him a few hundred metres down the road.

These people are so lucky and blessed to live the lifestyle they do in their community, and they’re whinging for no good reason ! Suck it up, and get yourself a small rainwater tank just for drinking etc. Note that on a very rare occasion, I think just once or twice in 17 years, when my scheme (“city) water supply was discoloured in Western Australia, I simply hand carried in buckets water from my rainwater tank to fill the washing machine. However some people with countriy properties are entirely dependant on rainwater tanks, or at the very least, have the tank water plumbed on separate pipes to come into the house for convenience. The photo above is of my WA rural property, photo taken about 2005, from the road just to the North of the house.

Here’s a link to the original article in Christchurch Press newspaper’s Stuff website from 11 February 2017.


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