UK Poolice… are you shitting me ?

According to the texts, human digestion takes one to three days. I guess it depends mostly on different individuals and how much of what vegetables. or meats have been eaten lately.

One has to wonder, how on Earth, some UK “Poolice” have been allowed to keep getting court orders to allow them to keep a suspect in custody with no actual evidence. Lamarr Chambers, aged 24 from Essex.

They claim that they are waiting for him to poop out some drugs, but as it passes day 21, and they seek further court orders, I would seriously worry if this is not just a deliberate abuse of court process. Perhaps they suspect his backside of being a particularly large “chamber” ?

Yes, most healthy adults can “hold it in” for a short while. Y’know how it is, you’ve got to “go”, but you’re only halfway home and the car’s stuck in traffic etc. So yes, most healthy adults can hold it in for awhile. But soon after getting in the door, you run to the loo and do what ya gotta do !

I find it hard to believe someone can deliberately not-poop for more than 3 weeks, and therefore wonder if this is just another way that “poolice” are using to harass people they don’t like, but who they have no actual evidence against.

In NSW Australia, cops have taken to using “drug-dogs” as an excuse to stop and search people in public, even though such searches have about a 95% false positive failure rate. Curiously that is about the same failure rate as the electoral roll “corrections” that were performed by the Republican run electoral commission in Florida USA, as they stripped primarily Democrat voters from the rolls, just before the state election, and therefore the win Federally, went to the Bush presidency (George W. Bush) in 2000.

Just how much longer, will these temporary court orders keep getting renewed ? In Egypt the court there has been extending monthly, for more than a year now, the detention of an AlJazeera journalist. I am not sure if he is being accused of anything, other than, being a decent bloke, and in Egypt it seems, that’s a serious charge.

UPDATED as of 2 March, there’s still been no “movement” and Lamarr Chambers, the accused person, after 44 days, is still locked up in a jail cell by agents of the local Gestapoo ! A person could be forgiven for thinking the judge was at least inept, if not outright corrupt, as the only evidence against him is a claim that “officers saw him moving his head towards his hand as if he was eating something,” prosecutor Kathy Wilson said. (yeah so maybe a fly was buzzing around his head, and he gave the famous “Australian Salute” ! ).


FINAL UPDATE … A report from 7 March (UK time)  said the charges were dropped and he was released from poolice custody after 47 days locked up. He has been taken to a hospital for observation (possibly they will give him a laxative, possibly they will give him private access to a toilet so he can sit down and have a poop in peace, with privacy and dignity). Poolice have though charged him with some vague OTHER offence about drugs. Something I find terribly disturbing about virtually every single report I have read about this case, is how the UK based media have continuously assumed that (1) the guy is guilty of drugs offences and (2) that he is “refusing” to go to the toilet. Firstly, he *might* well be completely innocent of all charges, and secondly, perhaps he just has not needed to go. Maybe, however unlikely, he has a really weird digestive system, or perhaps he has not ever felt the urge to go, given that, according to one report, there are two grown men in the same room with him, at all times, day or night. I know that’d give me the shits ( well the un-shits !) .


Here’s a link to the article on Christchurch newspaper’s “Stuff” website.


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