Buying old filing cabinets is like buying an old car !

An article has been doing the rounds on Facebook, originally from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Australia’s ABC, is largely government funded, but is mostly independent, and has a presence mainly through television and radio, in both city and country areas.

I’m tempted to suggest that the ABC should release all the documents for immediate printing throughout newspapers and on the internet.

The filing cabinets were knowingly sold by a government department, in a locked condition, along with “whatever” was inside, Just because they had temporarily “lost” the keys and couldn’t be bothered asking around the office, ask the secretary or boss/manager or whoever, nor could they be bothered getting in a locksmith for a comparitively small fee (probably less than $200) to unlock all the cabinets nor could they be bothered to task one of their handyman/plant maintenance workers to open them.

If I bought an old unregistered second hand car “as is, where is” for $200, and after having it trailered home, find the boot was locked and after getting it open, I find, as well as a bald spare tyre and a broken jack, an old toolbox with a socket-set and some screwdrivers in there, then I’m bloody-well keepin’ them, and I’m gonna use them as I see fit ! (Sometimes it’s good to have some old tools, like screwdrivers you don’t mind hitting with a hammer or mallet).

I’d be phukked if I’d let a couple of bully-boys from ASIO (spy agency) come around and steal my stuff. Just like it would be reasonable to assume any old tools found in the boot of a car, come with the car, I suggest that any old files, or file dividers, or those metal clip things from which files hang, that come inside an “as is, where is” sold filing cabinet, come WITH the cabinet !

Just the other day, a guy at my work bought a cheap unregistered car without any keys. It was parked on the side of the road with a flat battery for many months. He paid like $150 full price, “as is, where is” , (and it is all legal, NOT stolen, etc).

It cost less than $200 to get a locksmith to come out, and unlock the car using locksmith techniques, the locksmith then made up a new key to fit, including an extra spare key, and the locksmith’s total bill including call-out fee and the new keys cost NZ $180.

So we are being told that the Australian government sold locked file cabinets because they could not afford (or be bothered) to pay a $200 locksmith fee ?????? I’m calling bull-shit on that ! ABC, please publish all the documents that you have been willingly, and as-good-as-knowingly, given !

Here is a link to the source of the original story


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