Ben and Olivia buried on land, new book claims.

Scott Watson is GUILTY after all ! The story relates to 1998 (back when I was living in Australia, so I have only heard snippets etc since moving back to NZ). But a young couple disappeared during New Year’s Eve night, of 1998. Their bodies have never been found.

A man, Scott Watson was accused of their murder and subsequently found guilty at trial and sentenced to jail, minimum non-parole period 17 years (expires this year).

The disappearance happened in the area of “Marlborough Sounds”, a large rural coastal area of many deep fiords and bays at the top of the South Island. Scott Watson owned a small sailing yacht. Much was made about testimony from witnesses as to whether the boat a young couple were seen on board was a single masted yacht or a double masted ketch.

In a new book  (“Elementary”) released today , based on 7,000 pages of police evidence which became available, is according to the author Ian Wishart, proof that Scott Watson did indeed commit the murders.

Note that the author previously wrote a book some years ago, claiming police had prosecuted the wrong man and that Scott was innocent. The author tells how aspects like “group think” and “contamination” of witnesses’ memories occurs over time, especially as people take in what is presented in the media.

In one example he points out that one guy gives an elaborate and detailed description of the fittings to the back of a yacht in a later statement , while in his original police statement he says that at 4am it was so dark he could barely make out the shape of a boat at all, and never actually saw it from the rear at all.

The Auckland Herald newspaper has a link to ZB Radio which has a video of the interview conducted with author Ian Wishart…