General Election 2014, result is a bad omen for Kiwis on the bottom half of society. OPINION

OPINION… Right that’s it, New Zealand really is a basket-case. That John Key and his mates in the National Party have won another 3 years in power. That’s another 3 years of misery and lack of affordable housing (or any housing at all) for many Christchurch people. Even my local electorate went to the sitting National candidate with a much increased majority of more than 2,000 votes (the electorate boundaries had changed quite substantially, however pundits had said that would make a swing back to Labour, even more likely).

Well at $14.25 per hour minimum wage…that’s what most hardworking Kiwis can earn under this Gestapo-like regime… it’s time to start clearing out my junk, don’t buy anything else, sell the stuff I’ve got, and prepare to head back to Aussie.

There is simply NO HOPE for the future. Unless you’re qualified in the building and construction trades… where there is a few years more work avalable in Christchurch (3 and a half years on from the Earthquakes, some 60% of insurance claims have been finalised… however finalised in many cases means “paid out in cash” and people still living in garages waiting for houses to be re-built (because in order to make the numbers look good, they prioritised minor repairs like paint and wallpaper first and major repairs and rebuilds, have been pushed to the back of the queue. There are concerns that, although the govt has REDUCED the building codes several times already, to allow previous non-legal fixes to be done to houses (it’s saved the insurance companies squillions) that Some of the major repairs undertaken have been dodgy and set up a future disaster of failing houses, just waiting to happen.

Under National’s regime they previously used, never before used powers, to un-seat our elected commissioners at Environment Canterbury (our local regional council which is responsible for everything from ensuring our heavily polluted rivers get cleaned up, to running bus services). The govt installed their own mates in control, and then billed us for their huge wages. They promised they’d allow us to have democratic elections for our local representatives again in 3 years. 2 years later, they said they really liked having the direct control over the entire Canterbury region and said they’d be delaying our regional elections for another 3 years at least… all the while the prime minister’s new mates keep handing out water use consents to farmers and irrigators and they haven’t even cleaned up the existing pollution to waterways, aquifers and wetlands. The Labour party had said, that if elected, Canterbury people would get regional council elections re-instated immediately.

Oh, a glossy brochure came in the mail the other day, another “Recovery Update” (Sept 2014, pp 6&7). Because Christchurch Shitty Council prior to the earthquakes had employed some North Island dude (because he was such an amazing manager, he was worth the more than $ 500,000 annual salary), well he presided over the council under-insuring it’s assets by more than half. (not surprisingly really, he was double-dipping as he was collecting a fat juicy wage as being head of the board of the insurance company too), Well Christchurch city ratepayers had already been having rates rises of 3 or 4 times the rate of inflation yearly, even before the EQs, The brochure says if we want to avoid year-on-year rates rises of 25% to 30%, and keep the annual rates rises down to ‘just’ 10%, the council will need to cut services and flog off their few remaining assets to meet an $ 800 million shortfall. Spendthrifts, I can see $ 400 million in savings just by cutting 2 items. They want to build a new covered sports stadium…something we never had before and will be used (if we’re lucky) about twice a year for rock concerts, there’s over $250 million (note the old football stadium is available to be fully repaired under insurance, but they have since built a new “temporary” stadium anyway (that has a 20 plus year lifespan). Plus they want to build a new “metro sports facility”, and that’s another $ 150 million. Oh both of those new “anchor” projects are to be on someone else’s freehold land that the govt have either recently stolen, or soon intend to steal, from their pre-earthquake owners.

Except for a handful of rich people at the top of society…There simply is NO HOPE for the future. New Zealand is rooted.

To all of the Kiwis out there who are not one of the privileged few, there is one message and one message only from this election… renew your passport and zip off overseas as fast as you can go !


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