Armageddon strikes Christchurch, more than 7,000 people stampede through Addington Raceway Stables

In what would have to be the biggest Armageddon convention in Christchurch to date, over 7,000 people were said to have come through the doors by Saturday afternoon, the first day of the two-day event. Some of that number were just children, although there was a fair number of Aliens, Anime’ chr$, and other worldly warriors in the mix. By lunchtime the official Facebook page had a message asking people NOT to come, as there was still a huge queue outside waiting to get in.

Actor Mark Hadlow, famous for playing the dwarf “dori” in THE HOBBIT movies, was the first guest speaker up on the main stage at Armageddon Expo convention in Christchurch, New Zealand, Saturday 8 March 2014.

Note that limitations of battery power meant that I recorded only “some” of MARK HADLOW and JOHN CALLEN. Unfortunately I therefore missed out a lot of interesting and entertaining stuff they were saying. However that did mean that I was able to prioritise the recording of ALL of COLIN BAKER (the sixth “Doctor Who”) and also ALL of NICOLA BRYANT (his companion “peri”). I also recorded footage of the Eating Contests from Saturday.

Because the Christchurch Convention Centre has been demolished, due to damage in the devastating earthquake of 22 February 2011, Armageddon is held in the Stables building of Addington (horse) Raceway.

The venue is far from ideal. It’s pretty crap really, but with a lack of other more suitable convention space, Christchurch fans are lucky to have any convention at all.

Thanks go to William (Bill) Geradts and his many helpers for all their efforts in organising this convention, under circumstances that, even three full years after the most damaging earthquake, are still very difficult.

The video linked here is the first of many segments. My recordings on Saturday alone amount to some 25 separate video clips. When filming, I tried not to miss out any of the guest speakers’ answers, although I sometimes missed the beginning moments of the questions asked by audience members.


One thought on “Armageddon strikes Christchurch, more than 7,000 people stampede through Addington Raceway Stables

  1. This was totally awesome!

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