Edmonds park free concert enjoyed by many

Sunday 1st December 2013 was a gorgeous Summer’s day and about 60 people turned out to experience a fabulous afternoon of free music in the historic Edmonds Factory Garden, (located on Ferry Road in Phillipstown in inner city Christchurch, New Zealand, just west of The Mad Butcher shop on the corner of Aldwins Road).

A group called Fawlty Brass started at 2pm and after playing for an hour, they were replaced by the big-band sound of Stedfast Brass. The music played was a mix of instrumental and voice accompanied pieces.

There were some stalls present and some prizes and giveaways sponsored by the Goodman-Fielder baking products corporation. Devonshire Teas with fresh scones were available for a remarkable price of just $2.

The short video linked to below, is a closeup of a scale model of the original historic factory which was demolished some years ago. The adjoining garden was saved and is maintained by a dedicated team of locals and volunteers.

The next concert will be a much longer affair running some 4 hours and will be held on the 16 February 2014. Regrettably these occasional events are NOT well publicised. A lone banner outside the park’s Ferry Road entrance is all that I saw, set up some days in advance. The park is surprisingly large and even the smaller sectioned off “inner park” area by the Koi Carp fishpond, has room to accommodate several hundred people during these concerts.

A small amount of seating is provided but it is wise to bring your own sit-upon or folding chair.

The Edmonds park has a small carpark down a long driveway leading off Ferry Road, and during events such as these occasional concerts, an additional grassed area, which is usually set aside for a children’s playground is also available for parking. So there is plenty of free off-street parking.

A considerably longer and better video segment will be available for uploading, only after I have edited it.


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