Smiley face wins ex-Mayor yet another accolade

Could you believe it, Bob “Smiley-Face” Parker, has been given a Knighthood.

He’s the guy that got voted in as mayor, again, just after the September 2010 earthquake (which did only comparatively minor damage in Christchurch City, but should have been a big wake-up call, coming as it did BEFORE the devastating February 2011 ‘quake).

Most of the 186 deaths in the February 2011 EQ can be laid at the then council’s feet, as council policy regarding the inspection of buildings and fencing off of possibly dangerous buildings, was manifestly insufficient. (One Red Sticker on the CTV building, would have saved 115 lives. It has come out in investigations that in 1986 the Christchurch City Council allowed the CTV building to be built, knowing it did not meet minimum earthquake codes, because some dude, a big name in Christchurch constructions, personally phoned the council and spoke to someone there).

Bob Parker was a minor TV personality a couple of decades ago, so he always comes across good on camera, he has a smiley face and idiots keep voting for him.

Under his stewardship, Christchurch City Council had severely undervalued and under insured its assets for years, and consequently only has insurance coverage for less than half of Earthquake damage costs. Chch ratepayers will be paying through the nose for decades to come for the council’s incompetence.

Here’s a link to the Press Newspaper story on the Stuff (Fairfax) website.


Avon Loop, prime waterfront homes deliberately destroyed in government land grab

Early this evening I went to the area known as the Avon Loop.


This area is walking distance from central Christchurch and featured a mix of old and new single story houses (stand-alone) and a small number of (mostly newer) units/apartments/townhouses of one and 2 storeys.

The accompanying video includes an informative voiceover.


Christchurch police committing “car conversion” themselves

Under New Zealand law there are 2 categories of car theft. The lesser category “car conversion” is for when someone steals a car to temporarily “convert” it for their own use. After a wee while, they give it back (or leave it somewhere to be found… probably with the fuel tank empty and some extra dents in the panelwork).

It was less than 3 months ago that Christchurch police had to “apologise” because of a vehicle they had improperly seized.

A Nissan car had been seen driving in an unsafe manner on a certain stretch of road. Some distance away, police found a young man driving a Nissan car of similar colour. A towtruck was called and the vehicle was seized on the spot. Despite the strongest verbal protestations from the driver of the vehicle and his passenger at the time. There was NO photographic evidence or any other corroboratng evidence available to support the police’s belief that it was his car.

Aaron Hill’s car was taken to an supposedly secure storage facility which contracts for a profit to provide safe custody storage for police impound. (Lismore Storage in Waltham).

The premises were not secure enough, it would seem, (for a rare, imported car) and during the time of impound, the car was taken from the open yard, stripped down and it’s parts stolen. Pictures were posted online and the owner of the car discovered by himself that his car was utterly destroyed and completely un-recoverable.

Meanwhile the police officers involved and the impound yard, were laughing themselves silly over the wages and fees they get paid.

Oh afterwards police ‘said sorry’ I’m sure. (URL Link at bottom of page).

Another incident has happened, which again should put police in Christchurch on notice.

It would seem now that the police are deliberately committing acts of car conversion themselves nowadays.

According to the Fairfax’s Stuff website a woman has had her car forcibly impounded, even though it failed to match the registration or even the brand of car that an un-verified complaint was made about.

Again there was NO photographic or other corroborating evidence produced. Simply someone’s recall of a licence plate number, a car brand and colour (a red Nissan Skyline registration FVD 473 being driven by a young man).

As the police are so overstaffed and have nothing better to do with their time and our tax money, they zipped right over to some poor woman’s place, who lives half the city away, where they impounded on the spot, her Subaru rego FUD 437 (but hey, the car was the same colour, that’s all that matters to them).

Police stole the car, yes they committed car conversion, they took it away from her for their own purposes, with the intention of allowing her to retrieve it in 28 days time (subject to paying a further fee of several hundred dollars).

The car’s owner (Fiona Reid) had shopping receipts to show she was halfway across Christchurch at the time of the supposed boy-racer driving offence took place. She contacted the shop involved to check that surveillance footage was available, that indeed showed her in the area at the time.

It was impossible for her car to have been the one claimed to have been doing burnouts.

The shop would only provide surveillance film to the police directly.

Fortunately Fiona Reid was able to gain assistance from one honest and hardworking police officer at the Papanui police station, and she was later allowed to go and collect her car before the 28 days were up.

(Hey here’s a point, when police steal cars, they take them from wherever you are at the time and leave you standing on the side of the road, possibly at night, in the rain, in danger… whatever. When the police have to return a car because it’s seizure was found to be totally unfoundered, shouldn’t they have to transport the car back to wherever YOU are located at that time ??)

As the driver of a small car, I see shocking incidents on the road around me every day. Hardly a day goes by where a driver doesn’t deliberately run a red light across in front of me. It is sensible to have systems in place where drivers can “dob” in incidences of bad driving. However there needs to be a substantially better system of verifying claims made by members of the public, before cars are simply towed away (leaving people car-less for a month at a time). Cars kept at facilities for police impound MUST be kept absolutely secure. For a virtually irreplaceable, rare imported model, to be stolen, and stripped while in “safe custody” on behalf of the police, is simply unforgivable.

Here is a link to the Fairfax/Stuff article

Here is a link to the earlier story.

Crowds flock to Latimer Square for Carols by Candlelight

At Latimer Square, Christchurch, New Zealand on Christmas Eve 24 December 2013, was the free public concert YMCA Carols by Candlelight.

The event has run for more than 60 years. The evening was amazing, with an air temperature of about 20 Celcius and no wind.

The event started at 9pm and I missed recording the first song. I recorded 6 segments following that. The event was scheduled to finish about 10pm however I left about 9.30pm.

I heard an estimate of crowd numbers put at 5,000. However even at 9.30pm more people were still arriving.

Candles and Carol booklets were available with fundraising going to the YMCA.

Note that as it’s just a few days from mid-Summer that sunset was not until after 9pm.

A.N.C. had already been warned about this fake sign language interpreter

Since named as Thamsanqa Jantjie (sometimes spelled as Dyantyi), it seems that this guy did a pretend sign language job a year ago, for African National Congress (ANC) party parliamentary leader and South African president Jacob Zuma. (The article linked to below, is from the Stuff/Fairfax newspaper website).

ANC claims that it doesn’t even know who this guy is, but I cannot believe that he got issued a security pass without at least one piece of rigidly scrutinised photo-id. What I think this incident shows most of all is that corruption within the ANC is simply so pervasive.

It would seem from this incident that perhaps somebody just needs to claim they know somebody high up in the organisation and anything goes.

Let’s get TWO things very clear…

(1) It IS NOT just that this guy was not formally qualified (but still reasonably competent at sign languege) he was a total fraud.

(2) Secondly the authorities knew about him a year ago, since formal complaints were made the last time he turned up at a public event and pretended to interpret.

(3) Oh and here is my third of my two points (!): Given that he was known to be a total fraud and fake within just a few minutes of starting his “interpreting”, how on fracking Earth was he allowed to remain on stage for more than 4 hours ? (Normal practice is for Sign Language interpreters to be changed every half hour or so). Let’s get this straight, the relavent South African security and event organisers simply allowed him to remain (I am sure that complaints would have been flooding in to authorities instantly, via mobiles, texts, Twitter etc)

In my opinion, I think this incident tells more about the utter corruption, ineptness and incompetence found throughout all levels of South African government, and the ANC political party.

In an article credited to Reuters quoting the Johannesburg Star, 34-year-old Thamsanqa Jantjie says he suffered a schizophrenic episode while on stage.

Edmonds park free concert enjoyed by many

Sunday 1st December 2013 was a gorgeous Summer’s day and about 60 people turned out to experience a fabulous afternoon of free music in the historic Edmonds Factory Garden, (located on Ferry Road in Phillipstown in inner city Christchurch, New Zealand, just west of The Mad Butcher shop on the corner of Aldwins Road).

A group called Fawlty Brass started at 2pm and after playing for an hour, they were replaced by the big-band sound of Stedfast Brass. The music played was a mix of instrumental and voice accompanied pieces.

There were some stalls present and some prizes and giveaways sponsored by the Goodman-Fielder baking products corporation. Devonshire Teas with fresh scones were available for a remarkable price of just $2.

The short video linked to below, is a closeup of a scale model of the original historic factory which was demolished some years ago. The adjoining garden was saved and is maintained by a dedicated team of locals and volunteers.

The next concert will be a much longer affair running some 4 hours and will be held on the 16 February 2014. Regrettably these occasional events are NOT well publicised. A lone banner outside the park’s Ferry Road entrance is all that I saw, set up some days in advance. The park is surprisingly large and even the smaller sectioned off “inner park” area by the Koi Carp fishpond, has room to accommodate several hundred people during these concerts.

A small amount of seating is provided but it is wise to bring your own sit-upon or folding chair.

The Edmonds park has a small carpark down a long driveway leading off Ferry Road, and during events such as these occasional concerts, an additional grassed area, which is usually set aside for a children’s playground is also available for parking. So there is plenty of free off-street parking.

A considerably longer and better video segment will be available for uploading, only after I have edited it.