Lundy Three Hundy, the car rally I’d love to be a part of

Back in August 2000, a wife and child were murdered (Christine and Amber Lundy). The suspect was the husband (Mark Lundy), but he had an “ironclad” alibi as he was several hundred kilometres away, at the time that the Crown Prosecution said the murders occurred. I do not know whether any specific speed driving time trials were done.

(Humm, I’m remembering now that police did do speed trials in a Perth, Western Australia homicide case, and proved beyond any doubt that 3 accused young men were undeniably innocent. The police later “lost” the results of that speed trial, (although written proof exists that the trials took place and the results of those trials, and the young men were subsequently found guilty and given long jail sentences, until the high school girlfriend of one of them, kicked shit out of the legal system and got their case overturned. ABC television covered the whole story as it evolved over several years. I have the final installment, as the innocent young men were finally released from jail, in episode “Their Time In Court” of the Australian Story TV current affairs series, on dvd if anyone out there is researching such things. But I digress, back to the NZ case…)

A specially trained police pursuit driver, in a sports upgraded model of a modern BMW car, could possibly have made the drive between Palmerston North and Petone in the timeframe available, there and back, time for a quick murder, and possibly not killing himself on the road during several hours of sustained “pedal-to-the-metal” driving at breakneck speed.

Now that Mark Lundy, (the convicted husband) has had his original conviction quashed by the Privy Council review in England, some dude called Nic Miller is planning a “Lundy Three Hundy” 300 km road rally race (within the confines of the speed limit one assumes. The name harkens back to an old university engineering students road-trip/rally the “Undies Five Hundred” The event is no longer run, partly because a handful of piss-heads spoiled it for everyone else for evermore. Students dressed only in their underwear drove about 500 km, I think the original route was between Dunedin and Christchurch. Cars to cost less than $500 including any pre-repairs as needed to make that journey)

I would so LOVE to be a part of the Lundy Three Hundy, I’d love to be one of the camera operators !

Some knockers out there have complained it is disrespectful to the woman and child that were so tragicallly murdered.

Bullshit. Bull-fracking-shit. What it does do is poke fun at an incompetent investigation and the prosecution of a man who by the Crown’s own testimony, could not in all reasonable-ness have been guilty.

To suggest a typical dude without specialised high-speed driver training, in a battered old Toyota Corolla, or Morris Oxford (or whatever else it was he had) could drive 300 kms in the time alleged… just not very likely. I don’t know that particular stretch of road, but most of the North Island is hilly and with many twisty winding roads.

Here’s a quote from the APN newspaper NZHerald website.

(QUOTE) He said the competitors would be required to complete set tasks.

They included visiting places and buying products associated with the killings and asking for a prostitute.

Miller, of Wanganui, said he was a “fairly awful person” but the event was tongue in cheek. Each team would have a designated driver, drinker, streaker, hatchet man and camera operator. (QUOTE ENDS)

Below is a link to the entire article.


4 thoughts on “Lundy Three Hundy, the car rally I’d love to be a part of

  1. it is not organised by students

  2. it was the ‘undie 500’ and its a play on words of the indy 500. They didnt dress in their undies, each vehicle would have a theme and decorate the vehicle and themselfs.

    • Thanks for your comment. I have seen tv film footage of entrants wearing underwear. However that may have been limited to just some entrants, or it may have been re-enactments filmed at a later date. With notoriously poor and expensive public transport throughout much of NZ, so many people nowadays get trapped in poverty by high repayments on vehicles bought on credit for many thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars at high interest rates, I just love the concept of engineering or automotive students fixing up under $ 500 cars, to be road legal and reliable enough for at least a 400 km drive ! The best value road-registered car I ever had was a $ 50 Mitsubishi Sigma in Australia. After replacing a $ 5 part (which was free anyway, as I stripped one off an abandoned old car wreck dumped out in the bush) that car did me for 6 months of use as my daily driver, it got 37 miles per gallon and even the heater and radio worked. I used to drive 300 km trips each way in that car.

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