Len Brown, gets rewarded with hundreds of thousands of dollars more of ratepayers money anyway

I happened to catch some of this morning’s TV One Breakfast show (16 October 2013) and saw some dude was saying how good Auckland Mayor Len Brown is “front footing” the sex affair revelations and (iirc) “is making the right decision, staying on”. I reckon that’s a load of blimmin’ Bull-dust, Bull-Fracking-dust.


What a load of hogwash. Len Brown isn’t “brave” he’s a very crafty, astute, sleazebag of a politician. He waits until 3 days after the election polls close, returning him to his (approx) $120,000 a year job with $50,000 a year in benefits job, secure for the next 3 years, and then says (words to the effect of)
‘oh hey you know how I won this re-election, (partly) on the basis that I was a good honest Catholic family man, with a wife and 3 adult children, well really I’m a 57 year old sleazebag that’s been out rooting anything with a pussy for the last umpteen years’.


Root me boot. What I can’t get over is how the (Auckland based) news media, like TV One, is falling at this guy’s feet praising him. I just wish one of his mistresses had come out, at about the time that postal voting started, and made public at least the long-running affair with Bevan Chuang (the woman almost half his age) who was on a council committee (um, conflict of interest anyone ?). As it stands, Len Brown is being praised AND being given another 3 years in his highly paid job with a fancy car and all expenses paid etc. Root me boot, there’s nothin’ else y’can say mate !


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