America’s Cup, speedy super-yachts race onwards grindingly slowly

At about 9am this morning (Saturday 21 Sept 2013, New Zealand time) the NZ entry won the first race of the day. Needing just one more win to claim the entire competition and take the cup, Th Kiwis would then be the new holders of the America’s cup. However the race was declared null and void because a time limit had been exceeded (that time limit having been agreed to by competitors a year or more ago). Disheartening from a New Zealander’s perspective as our team finished the race well, well ahead of the United States team’s yacht. In the second race the Americans prevailed, after the Kiwis incurred a penalty.

Hey who else thinks that, with the “win at all costs” attitude that some American sportspeople have, every day longer that this competition goes on, gives the extremists out there, another opportunity to torch or crash into NZ’s yacht, and win the competition that way. They have recently come out with a new statement that if NZ wins by a margin of 2 points or less, they’ll appeal the 2-point penalty they got for cheating last time.

Some years ago there was a Cup victory the Americans only got after racing an entirely different boat to their competitor, and then followed that up by dragging it through every court in the land to justify it (winning the court cases 2:1, and therefore winning the cup that time).

Remember not much more than 25 years ago, the French government, as an official government action, shit all over the Swiss government and committed an act or war and terrorism on NZ, the only act of real terrorism NZ has ever experienced, when they sent teams of agents and saboteurs to blow up a ship in Auckland Harbour, just because they thought it might take a few photos that might embarrass them.

Look at the stakes in San Francisco now. I’m astonished that the NZ boat hasn’t gone up in flames one night, or been written off in a yacht crash already. Like in the movie “The Karate Kid” (1984). When a team member is told to “sweep” the guy’s leg. Yes he’ll be penalised, but then the bad-guy’s fellow team-member can have a crack at the, now severely crippled, competitor.

Remember that after September 11, (2001) people were told that it was simply ‘unforeseeable’ that un-armed hijackers would voluntarily be given control of a plane by pilots (acting under the airline policy that if someone stands outside the cockpit door, with a packet of Milk-Arrowroot biscuits and a really bad attitude, and demands you let them in and give them control of the aeroplane) then flying that airliner into a large building as a flying-bomb:

Planes as flying bombs featured in Tom Clancy’s bestselling 1994 novel ‘Debt of Honor’, as an onscreen background scene in the 1980 film ‘Airplane’ (aka Flying High’ in some markets), and in the primetime tv series ‘The Lone Gunmen’ (aired March through to May 2001).

I don’t want to get into conspiracy theories, but it’s weird how no-one that worked for the CIA or NSA or FBI had ever read Clancy’s book, seen the movie or tv series, eh ?


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