Just how incompetent, are the world’s highest paid architects and city planners ?

A building called “20 Fenchurch”, has been blamed for damaging the plastic components of nearby parked cars, damaging paint on neighbouring buildings and setting afire to the carpet of one shop.

Still under construction, the 37 story building is nicknamed “Walky-Talky”.

Unlike most rectangular shaped city skyscrapers, this one has a gentle curve to it.

I have no doubt at all that a team of highly qualified architects oversaw ever aspect of it’s design, right down to the colour-scheme, carpetting and location of potplants.

I think we can also assume that this building meets all legal requirements of the building authorities in the London council area. I’m guessing it has passed all of the necessary approvals prior to building. Has all the consents, permissions and permits required by local authorities… for which I’m sure they charged many tens or hundreds of thousands of UK pounds in fees. (Clippin’ the ticket, at every stage).

So my question is this: How come NONE of those architects or city planning officers have even a lower high-school knowledge of general science ?

Are you honestly telling me that every one of the, what 30 or so people who drew up these plans, checked and then finally approved them, NONE of them knew that a curved reflective surface concentrates the sun’s heat, just like a magnifying glass ?

I always thought that to be a qualified architect you had to have a university degree or advanced degree, and that even city planners had to have polytechnic level qualifications.

But it almost seems as if, in London England at least, they’re employing architects and city planners, who haven’t even got a lower high-school education.

I would just LOVE to see, the permission for this new building to be withdrawn and for it to have to be demolished down to the ground and re-built. Then the architects and city planners might even have to accept slightly lower bonuses this year.

Actually there’s probably a very much cheaper fix. Simply make the windows on the sun-facing, one assumes Southern side, non-reflective.

There are almost certainly special non-reflective coatings (“Scotch-tint” style) that can be applied to the surface of the existing glazing. Possibly the building has been built with special highly-reflective glass to reduce the need for air-conditioning cooling in Summer. Replacing reflective glass with plain glass, then simply running the air-con a bit harder in the Summer, might end up making life a lot more bearable for those unfortunate enough to live, work, travel or park near this monstrosity.

Of course that will run up the electricity bill a bit. They might have to give back some of those eco-awards they’ve probably won for being so energy efficient and anti-greenhouse gas friendly.

The response from the London council responsible for this stuff-up, has been to place road traffic cones around to restrict people parking in the area. Umm, that’s like those third world countries which in the past have brought in curfews on women going out at night ‘to protect them from rape’. That way the victim pays the penalty and the perpetrator gets off scott-free.

This reminds me of the Shire Council’s brand new headquarters and administration building in York, Western Australia (early 1990’s).

Located in a semi-arid region of hot dry “Mediterranean” climate, in the Avon Valley area of inland Western Australia. Summer temperatures often exceed 40* Celcius (104*F).

Designed by a highly paid team of leading architects, Built brand new to their specifications (and I’m sure the York Shire Council issued themselves with all the required building permits etc), it had a huge glass wall all down the western side of the building.

When I first visited the new building I thought “golly, that’s gonna let a lot of heat in, especially during the hottest part of the day, during the hottest part of the year. What woolly-wombat designed and authorised that ?”

I wasn’t at all surprised to hear, that during it’s first Summer, the council needed to spend substantial money upgrading the airconditioning system.

But hey, it doesn’t matter, they just bung all the extra costs, plus the extra costs of running a bigger air-con system, onto people’s house and farm council rates (= annual property taxes).

Here below is a link to an item on the London building.



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