GE / GM foods, public concerns expressed (video)

On Saturday afternoon 22 June 2013, I braved the terrible weather to attend at The WEA rooms in Gloucester Street, in the Christchurch inner city area (what’s left of it).

I arrived about 15 minutes earlier than the 4pm stated starting time, knocked loudly and went in through the front door. I checked a couple of the side-rooms, nobody was around.

After a few minutes, three other people arrived, one of them had attended at the WEA rooms before. They conducted a thorough exploration of the building, and finding no-one around, selected the largest room, turned on the lights and heaters and set some chairs out.

A few minutes later Steffan Browning, a Member or Parliament from The Greens political party arrived along with Bob Mackley a farmer from the state of Victoria in southern Australia. They had just flown in from Whangerei (in the far north of the North Island of New Zealand).

Over the next few minutes a few more people straggled in. The event had been promoted on Facebook and I would have expected a far higher turnout, but the weather that afternoon/evening was “inclement” to be polite. The rain was just torrential and accompanied by bitter cold winds (the snow and sleet having just left us in the 24 hours before).

I was given permission to film. There are a total of 11 segments recorded on two separate cameras. I didn’t expect the presentations to be as long as they were, both being about one hour each, or I would have brought an extension lead and run my  “better microphone” camera straight from a wall socket.

As it was, I recorded Steffan Browning’s six video segments using the camera with better lens, mic and optical zoom, although a fan heater was operating in the background for the first few segments.

I changed to my tiny miniature “back-up” camera for Bob Mackley’s five video segments. Technically high definition, this camera is limited by a tiny lens, digital zoom only, and an inferior microphone.  Steffan Browning also appears with Bob Mackley in the final two segments, which formed, in part a conclusion and question-time with the audience present.

Please note that there will be about one second missing in between each segment. This is a function of the cameras as I start and stop them. I tried to always pick a small gap in speaking between one slide and another, but needed to keep all segments shorter than 15 minutes for Youtube uploading.

Also there is some shaky hand-held as I was still attaching the second camera to the tripod as Bob Mackley started his talk.

Please consider this primarily an audio recording, and the video that you get is a bonus. Note that the front of the room was rather dark so the powerpoint slides could be viewed more easily on a screen. There were a handful of occasions when I adjusted the camera to try to give a better view of the slides on-screen at that time.

I would have required many thousands of dollars of extra tech equipment to do a proper multi-camera shoot, including connecting upto the laptop they used and directly inserting the powerpoint slides as appropriate.
However don’t come whining to me if you can’t read the slides from these videos. Just listen to the talk and anything else you get out of it is a bonus.

As so few people braved the weather (and I don’t blame them, I live nearby and I could barely be bothered going, although I was rather unwell at the time) but Mr Browning and Mr Mackley came a long way and went to a lot of trouble to give this presentation.

This video gives many more people the chance to experience the talks given.

It is up to people to make up their own minds on whether they want New Zealand to continue down the path of GE/GM genetically engineered or modified organisms…plants, animals and trees, all of which are rigidly patented and subject to various provisions of their foreign owners.

Please note the other 10 segments of video are NOT directly linked through this blog, please search for my Youtube account directly, KiwiCatherineJemma and the videos are numbered 360 to 370 (inclusive).  Note if you are seeking Green MP Steffan Brown’s earlier appearance at the Hagley-Riccarton street march a few weeks ago, then you will find videos numbered 348 to 357, on my Youtube channel.


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