Competition prizes you DON’T need.

Sometimes  I enter competitions, but occasionally I am annoyed at competitions which seem directed towards the very people that DON’T have any real need of the prize.

In the past I have seen competitions where the prize is a brand new car (yes thanks, that would be nice, as my car is more than 25-years-old, although I choose to drive it, in part, because it is a rare classic model). However some competitions are only open to those people who have just bought a brand-spanking-new car.

Well hello ! If you have just been able to afford to buy (or finance) a brand-new car, you don’t need another one, do you ?

Yesterday I was driving (in my old car) listening to “The Coast” (one of the few AM stations left) and I half-heard about a competition. So today I went online and checked out the details on their website.

The contest is associated with a tv series  “I Was There” currently airing on the channel called Heartland.  The prize is a one year subscription to SKY pay tv.

(In New Zealand there is a monopoly with just one pay-tv provider, Sky).

The tv channel Heartland is NOT on the few remaining old analogue tv services, nor is it available on Digital Terrestrial Freeview or Satellite Freeview free tv services.

Heartland is available ONLY through paying a Sky subscription. You need to have a Sky subscription through either their satellite service or through the Sky-enabled Igloo terrestrial digital decoder box.

Don’t get me wrong “I Was There” sounds like a great series, and just the sort of documentary I’d love to see. Looking at New Zealand’s history of the last 40 years, through the lens of our nation’s local media.

But unfortunately, you can only enter the competition,  and have a chance to win a year’s Sky pay tv subscription (including  access  to Heartland), if you already have, Sky pay tv !

Oh well, another competition where the prize seems almost to be aimed at people who don’t need it (and, as someone who refuses to pay the Sky monopoly machine, I’m shut out as well).


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