NSW to ban “synthetic LSD”

It had previously been reported that a youth jumped to his death, possibly after taking a “legal high” product which was sold as an imitation of LSD. Today, an article on Fairfax’s Stuff website started off…

(Quote begins) The father of a Sydney teenager who jumped to his death after taking fake LSD has welcomed a plan to ban synthetic drugs.

Henry Kwan, 17, died on Thursday after jumping from the third floor balcony of his family home in Killara in Sydney’s north while high on synthetic LSD.

The tragedy prompted the NSW government to announce today a 90-day ban on a range of synthetic drugs and to call on federal authorities to outlaw them permanently. (Quote ends)

There is no dispute that this is a terrible tragedy for all involved. A young life ended in its prime, but to automatically consider that the only thing ‘at fault’ is the legal high product omits other problems he might have had in his life.

Perhaps he was being bullied mercilessly at school and the authorities were refusing to do anything about it ? Perhaps he had been sexually abused when young, and, unreported/undiagnosed he had never had suitable counselling/therapy ? Perhaps he’d just come out to his parents as gay and they had threatened to beat him up and throw him out of the house ?

Although the legal high product he took MAY have been a factor, perhaps even the dominant factor in the terrible incident that followed, it is possible that other factors are also relevant in this case.

But consider the following. In experiments, where people had been given water laced with, NOTHING, and then after drinking it were TOLD it was laced with LSD, some people have then run off and done something foolish. Perhaps the thought process going through them at the time was something like “Oh, I’ve taken LSD, I must now go and jump off a roof”.

My Question to the NSW government is this… “Do you intend banning WATER as well ?”


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