TV prices, how much is too much ?

TV prices, how much is too much ?

I popped into a local hardware store to get some rope to repair an old carry-bag. On my way out, I came across this LG brand 84 inch 3D LED TV. I noticed the price was listed as $24,999.99 . I asked a sales assistant nearby whether they would really give somebody one cent change if they had just made a $24,999.99 purchase. He said, no the price would just round up to $25,000. Since the government took away the one and two and five cent coins, shouldn’t they have also changed trading and retail laws that demand prices be in multiples of ten cents only ? ie what you would ACTUALLY pay if you paid in legal tender, real cash ? And yes I do know, that someone is unlikely to pay for this tv in cash, they are much more likely to use an eftpos/credit card (and thereby save themselves one cent). Not sure if the person barely visible at right of photo was the sales assistant I spoke to, or just a passing customer.


One thought on “TV prices, how much is too much ?

  1. If I had $24,999,99 to buy a flatscreen tv, I would be able to do some much-needed repairs to my house. Mind you, if the price had been advertised or displayed as $25,000.00, I probably wouldn’t have bought it, even if I had the money, because, researchers say, the difference between 98 or 99 cents and $1.00 is a big psychological barrier [].


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