To contrast, or not to contrast

To contrast, or not to contrast

During my computer class this morning, as I worked my way through the Expressions 3  textbook. I came across this at the bottom of page 128. Apologies for the limitation of the camera’s “macro” function. Many pages have a small paragraph of extra helpful hints at the bottom of the page. What these particular paragraphs of text are saying, is that it is important to choose colours with good contrast, so that words can be clearly read against the background colour. Look closely at the top band of the box containing the text. The paragraphs are titled in black against the very dark grey, almost black top strip. The words in that top strip that you won’t be able to read say “Ensuring sufficient color contrast”. It’s not just unreadable because of the limitations of this photo. It’s nigh-on impossible to read in the original textbook. Note, apart from minor annoyances like this, it seems to be a very good textbook. The version used by CPIT-Computing-For-Free is from 2011, by Julie Riley and sourced from . This book starts off saying that Expression version 4 does have just a very few differences.  I have found the textbook easy to follow.  However I think that since then, there are some newer textbooks that specialise on Expressions 4.


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