Winnie Bagoes Pizzeria to re-open in Madras St, Christchurch


WINNIE BAGOES pizza restaurant (never been there, but heard it was nice) had to shift from their original Christchurch CBD location after the Earthquake of 4 September 2010. They have a branch operating over Ferrymead way, and a new branch is opening in the city (perhaps open already, but may be only in the evenings).

I seem to recall that in early 2011 they had just moved into new premises, also located in an old building which they spent a squillion dollars on cosmetic refurbishing, when they were put out of that place also, when the utterly devastating earthquake of 22 February 2011 occurred.

On the corner of (major one-way thoroughfare) Madras Street and the small Allen Street, I had seen workers repairing this old building over the last few months (yes, just 2 and a bit years on from the worst earthquake, repairs are finally starting to happen…you gotta love those insurance companies and how quick they pay out, eh?). The outside of the building stll looks rather drab, depressing and industrial,

I’m sure it’s like a palace inside, but I question the wisdom of moving to yet another old building, of largely brick construction. I do admit, I am not sure whether the bricks on the outside are essential structural elements, or whether they are just infill wall material.

Anyway I just would’ve thought, that after twice being evicted from earthquake ravaged, renovated old buildings, that they would have moved into a building of the highest earthquake resistance, either brand new built to the highest code, or an older wood or steel framed structure.

Sorry for the shaky video, this was from my tiny back-up camera, and I was standing on the edge of Madras/Allen corner, trying to avoid being run-over at the time.


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