Southern Isles Reporter starts flying off the presses

Well, “flying off the presses” metaphorically speaking at least.  I am Catherine Jemma and I have started this ‘blog to make use of, and develop further, some of the skills I have learned over the last few years.

I started a Diploma course at Canterbury Uni, part-time in 2010, while recovering from a car crash. In early 2011, I gave up full time work to undertake various media related studies, firstly a film and tv course, then went on to complete a course in journalism. Our class regularly volunteered at a local radio station and in late 2012 I had some work experience as an intern on a rural newspaper.

I roam the streets of Christchurch with my notebook and a digital camera always at the ready. Keep an eye on this ‘blog for newsworthy videos of things I come across. Although my focus will initially be on Christchurch City, other items relevant  to the South Island,  New Zealand, and the whole Australasian/Pacific area will also be covered if they get caught in my web. As this ‘blog develops, I may have contributions from other correspondents located elsewhere throughout the South Island and farther afield.

Items related to the Christchurch rebuild (since the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011) and the ongoing problems with insurance payouts (or lack there-of) and government land-zoning decisions and ‘compulsory acquisition’ of freehold land, are also likely to feature.

If something gets-my-goat, grinds-my-gears, or just plain gives-me-the-irrits, expect to see something about it here: written, photographed or videoed. Use this ‘blogs
‘s handy-dandy “leave a comment” function if you have extra information to add to any of the stories you see here (or if you see a possible error, so that I may effect a correction if necessary), but please be nice, I am fairly new at this and I haven’t eaten anywhere near enough chocolate lately.

I will do my utmost to ensure the accuracy of all facts presented. However my reports will sometimes be somewhat “editorial” in nature, so expect to see my personal comments and opinions expressed also. It will always be clear when it is an opinion that is being expressed as opposed to a statement of facts.

Everything on this ‘blog (unless specified otherwise) is  copyright to this ‘blog and to the individual contributing author(s). Exception applies for Fair Use such as Criticism and Review, and Personal Study purposes.

At all times, this ‘blog will strive to conform to the highest standards of journalistic ethics, such as detailed in the Fairfax New Zealand Ltd, Code of Ethics. This weblog may be held accountable to any complaints procedure brought by The Press Council of New Zealand.


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